A Crash Course in U.S. History

Almost all of us in the United States have taken some sort of U.S History class at some point. Also, as we all know, we probably don’t remember a whole lot from that class, and it’s quite possible that there were many topics that weren’t covered too deeply, or maybe even at all.

Luckily, school isn’t the only place you can learn about U.S. history. There are tons and tons of resources online. One of our favorite is a really awesome YouTube Playlist called “U.S. History” by CrashCourse, a quick, hard-hitting video creation group that creates these short crash courses on a ton of topics. Like a ton. In this particular playlist, there are 48 15-ish minute videos covering time period all the back from before Columbus to President Obama’s leadership.

We’ve taken the liberty of sharing a few of these videos in this post. If you love them, check out some more of them!

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