Making Your Head Spin

Recently, there has been a huge craze among the youth of America with the fidget spinner.

A palmed-sized spinner, that well, spins endlessly. It’s a two- or three-pronged device with a bearing in the middle and counterweights on the prongs. They come in plastic or metal, with a wide selection of patterns to choose from. How it works is by pinching with two fingers the bearing in the middle and flicking with our other fingers the prongs. What ensues is spinning, endless amounts of it.

Once it’s spinning you can challenge others to balancing acts. such as a nose, one finger, pen or pencil tips, or anything else.

However, some Americans are getting frustrated by these devices because of the distraction they cause. Imagine sitting in class and 35% of the class isn’t paying attention because they’re too busy balancing the fidget spinner from their ear. School teachers across the nation are facing a challenge of managing their classrooms with fidgeting becoming more and more prevalent.

Some parents agree with the manufacturers by saying that it can help someone pay attention and focus during instruction. But others may disagree as the focus is solely placed on the spinner spinning.

The craze is taking over America crazy fast.

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