Top 10 Free Things to Do/Places to See in Pennsylvania

  1. Herr’s Snack Factory Tour

An ideal tour to bring the whole family on, Herr’s Snack Factory Tour in Nottingham, naturally showcases their best-known product, their potato chips. The factory tour is free and before the tour begins, you have the opportunity to watch a video detailing the company’s history.

  1. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

A real little gem, the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is situated just 1 mile from Philadelphia International Airport. Your whole family will have fun at this place, as you get an unrivaled view of the city skyline and a fantastic chance to see some of the local wildlife and birds and enjoy nature. You can also take advantage of family-friendly walking tours and educational programs.

  1. Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum

The pachyderm lover in you will thrill at a visit to Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum in Orratanna. Once you’ve wandered through the awesome collection of over 12,000 elephants, take a walk through the outdoor gardens that hold not only elephants but the Seven Dwarfs. The museum also sells homemade fudge, old-fashioned candy, and roasted peanuts.

  1. Straub Brewery Tour

Advanced reservations should be made for the Straub Brewery Tour. This free, 1-hour tour does necessitate that visitors climb stairs, but it permits photography. You should have an entertaining, and educational time here.

  1. Allegheny Observatory

You can get a free observatory tour here at Allegheny Observatory, a research laboratory connected to the University of Pittsburgh. You won’t soon forget the beautiful view of the star-strewn night sky. The tours start in April and continue until the end of October.

  1. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Bring the whole family along for a free tour of Hershey’s Chocolate World, where you’ll see exactly how Hershey’s chocolate candy is made. There’s also a free chocolate sample when the tour is over. If you feel like spending a few bucks, there are a few fee-based activities, such as a chocolate tasting, and opportunity to create your own candy bar.

  1. Elk Country Visitor Center

Benezette, Pa is known for its free-roaming elk herd, so it’s the best place around for you to go elk watching. The Elk Country Visitor Center provides free tips and educational programs on the best ways to see the elk. You can choose one of the 3 available trails, all of which have viewing areas, so you can see the best of the elk all year long.

  1. Liberty Bell Center

The state of Pennsylvania’s simply loaded with history, particularly the city of Philadelphia, and the Liberty Bell Center ranks right up there with the most important things to see when you visit. It’s all free, so view exhibits, watch an introductory film and then go see the Liberty Bell.

  1. Gobbler’s Knob

If you live in Pennsylvania, start a new tradition and make a yearly visit to Gobbler’s Knob, the home of the famous Punxsutawney Phil. Take part in the Groundhog Day activities and get a peek at Phil. Once you’ve had enough of the noise, stop by Phil’s Burrow at the Punxsutawney Memorial Library.

  1. Little League World Series

Every August Williamsport plays host to the Little League World Series. If you’re a fan and arrive early, you can get a free seat in the stadium or lay down your beach blanket, or open a lawn chair right on the lawn and watch the entire event for free.

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